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  1. #1 Help My Ps3 Has Crashed! 
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    there is a way, but I dont know it because I havent had this problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ultimadream View Post
    I was setting up the Linux for PS3, and i deleted everything off my PS3, is there a way off restoring data on a ps3, like you can on windows.
    you didnt even back it up to an external via the usb front ports first? ....hahahah

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    call sony and be like i didn't do it
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    I don't think so dude, call sony, but I doubt it.
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    Chances are you just messed up while formatting.

    Try this out. Turn off the ps3. When turning on the ps3, hold finger on top of power button until you hear a second beep. Then release. I don't even think its possible for you to even delete the ps3 xmb and such since I formatted it myself.
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    i do not own a ps3, so my advince may or probably wont work, but you can try buying a harddrive with the files preinstalled.

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    you cant possible cause your whole ps3 to crap out because the system isnt stored on the hdd. If you can, take your drive out and reformat it in a pc. You will lose all your data, but your ps3 will function again.
    Very funny....not.
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