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    been surfin the net and came across these virtual video glasses that can can plug into anthing with an av output including ipod and psp slim supposedly. allows the wearer to view their own personal tv various sizes claims to be a personal cinema.
    after reading a bit want one. prices range from $149.00 to $650.00.

    they are these two tiny lcds one in each side that come together to show a huge screen.
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    I have seen these around in various forms in places like sharper image. Only downer is, I have never been able to try them to see what the picture is actually like!!! would love them on a plane though........if the picture was good enough
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    Sony makes a high end set of glasses like this, and a few years ago i was at a stereo shop buying a new receiver, and i tried them. imagine looking at a 10' x 10' big screen tv at 5' away.
    You can easily read fonts on web pages, but it really tires the eyes.
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