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    I can no longer stand my old phone anymore, and I need a new one.

    I've been doing research lately, but I think getting the opinions of people really helps too, so what kind of phone should I get?

    Lets see here:
    I have Sprint
    I really use my phone for calls, texts, and mms, and I occasionally use the internet.
    I also really want a nice(...for a camera phone) camera, I'm looking for 3mp or higher.

    And thats like, the minimum.
    This is mostly just for opinions on phones and stuff, but I know if you're looking to help me, you'd need that stuff, so I'll provide it.
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    There's the Samsung Instinct, and the Palm Centro.

    But if I was you, I would get the Palm Treo 755p.
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    Well i have the sony ericsson K850i and imo its my perfect phone.
    Great 5MP cybershot camera with a lot of features.
    It has a decent web browser.
    Its a 3G phone but in some areas where i am it goes to 3.5G(HSPDA)

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    I have a bad expeirence with Sony phones...the palm centro is pretty cool although not too advanced. It's just a smart phone, nothing more, nothing less...I have sprint too and I believe they make something called the Touch...but Samsung makes me nervous.

    As I look up online I see something called the Mogul...looks pretty sexy but doesn't mention the resolution of the camera..check that out maybe?
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    buy an iphone knock off, doesnt quite run osx, but cheap, useable, and no contracts.

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