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    as u've probably seen i need a partitioning tool 2 partition a 50gb hdd 4 running xp and ubuntu at the same time without loosing any data. can i install ubuntu on a lenovo win xp laptop with the dual-boot and how will it affect xp performance? cos my 2 little bros (6 and 10) are useing it 2 play age of mythology (good game) atm and i dont want them 2 know.
    ps. im downloading ubuntu atm (probably will take a full day/finished this time 2morro) thanks
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    i dont know how you could change partitions without losing data.

    what are you using ubuntu for exactly? you coudl always jsut run it off of the liveCD and not install it at all.
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    Download Ubuntu, and you can run it without installing. You can use Ubuntu's built in partitioner to partition your harddrive without losing data..
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    i didnt know u could do that with linux ok i'll try that. thanks
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