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    Everytime i start up my Windows 2000 computer (i know old lol) it starts up by then stays on the Windows screen for about 20 mins while the Hard drive light stays yellow the whole time! After that screen it takes about an hour for it to get to the login screen! Then forever to just load the OS!! (NOTE that the yellow harddrive light is on the whole freakin time!) What should i do? Should i try and reinstall the whole OS again or is it hardware trouble? There has to be something that is slowing it down!
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    An hour is a very long time...back up data if you can, do a format re-install, if problem persists then the hdd is going bad.
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    yea your harddrive is probably just loading a bunch of useless crap. Just backup all the stuff you want on a cd or external hdd and reformat =o.
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