Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but there is no PC mod thread.

So, I hate Windows Vista screensavers. I thought about it one day and asked myself, "Why the hell don't I go and download some new ones?". When I did, however, I was pretty upset about the fact that there WERE NONE. At the very least, ones that were easily usable. After about three months of not using a screensaver, I tried once more to hope that Google might save me. To my shock, I came across a couple of registry hacks that showed me how to spice up the Vista ones a little. Granted, I still prefer the XP screensavers more, but at least this is nice.

I decided I would write a small tutorial on it because most people's tutorials about were for people who had experience with the registry and lacked screenshots or anything. So, I made one for people who are brand new to the registry, or have minimal knowledge and JUST want to know how to change their screensavers. ....With screenshots!

Squeaky Toy: Tutorial: Windows Vista Ribbons Screensaver

Also this registry hack works perfectly in Windows 7. Which is good considering the screensavers are still exactly the same. Thanks a lot, Microsoft.