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    What does a pandora battery and Magicstick do?
    Where can I get one?
    Does it work on a PSP Slim and Lite (PSP 2000)
    Can I put games on it?
    How do I put games on it?
    Do I need to put firmware on it once I get it?
    Where can I get the roms from?
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    a pandora and mms is used to unbrick or put custom firmware(cfw) on your psp.
    you can buy pandora at dealxtreme for around $7 and you can make a mms with a guide in the guides section.
    check the link in my sig to see if your psp is hackable.
    when you have cfw you can use backups of your games by running them from your memory card.
    by getting a app called umd dumper and backing up your umd to your memory stick.
    you need custom firmware to use apps,homebrew,emulators and to run backups of your games from your memory card.
    Red Slim ofw 3.93 > ofw 5.02 > cfw 3.80m33-5 > cfw 5.00m33-4 > cfw 5.00m33-6
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    Pandoras battery is a service mode battery
    The psp mod shop
    Most slim and lights
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