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    Hello all, i randomly set my psp to charge today, the orange light came on etc and i left it alone for about 30 minutes before turning it on, once i did i check to see the charge level and it was at the exact same 56% i had left it on, i let it charge another 15 mins or so and no change, the orange light comes on but it won't charge

    I've tried three different wall chargers
    Two usb cables, both on my computer, and on my ps3
    Switched the battery with another slim battery and a phat battery and nothing

    Battery information reads
    Charge Level: 56%
    Hours left -
    Power Source: External
    Battery Status: Charge Complete

    seems its the psp itself, so is my psp just done, or is there anything i can do?
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    so when you switched battery did it still say 56%?
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