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    ok so i really dont understandthis. i have perused these forums many times utilizing numerous different techniques to fix it. i still have a psp that wont charge.if i have a battery that is charged, it works jsut friggin fine, buti cant see shellin out 20 bucks for an external battery charger. so ive gone as far as to apply power directly to the mb through where the power is supposed to go, and still nothing. i cant even get the green light to come on. the only way i can play it is to use a battery. my battery works, it is pandora, and i do have time machine installed. im using 5.00 m33 i think. hard to check right now. i really dont knwo what the issue could be. is there a failsafe built into the board, should i jsujt buy a new connector? any ideas of where to go next would be great.

    wireless switch is off

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    Are you sure the light's not broken? go to Settings>System>Battery Info in the XMB and then see what it says with the battery then plug in the charger.

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