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    Hye , i am sorry if i had reposted but i couldnt find the relevent information i need .

    I have a PSP - 2003

    System Software - version 4.05
    date code - 8c .

    I had purchased a Pandora Battery from UK.

    I seriouslty dont know what is firmware , homebrew etc !!

    pls help me out , i going crazy !
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    It would be useful to know which motherboard the unit is using... i suggest updating to OFW5.03 and running ChickHEN R2 ( )
    Then use PSPIdent to check the mobo. If its a pre TA88v3 then you can follow this guide to hack the system using Hellcat's Recovery Flasher. ( )
    If its a post TA88v3 mobo the use CFWE3.6 or GEN-A with ChickHEN as a non permanent way of hacking the psp.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomaversa View Post

    Hmmmm, lets think here....

    You dropped it on the floor, and now its having problems.....

    What could possibly be the reason for these problems?!?!?!

    I'm stumped

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