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    ok so i plan on buying a psp inshAllah, but im kinda confused. appranetly, it requires u to buy a 30 dollars battery to 'hack' the psp 3000, and psp 2000 can be hacked pretty easily, plus there barely any differerence between the 2000 and the 3000. so is it a better idea to buy the psp 2000? like what does 'hacking' even do? like does it allow u to play pirated games which u can download onto ur memory card or wat?

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    It does allow you to play pirated games. However, we cannot talk about it here. Read the rules. Shame on you!

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    sigh no piracy forum, first and last warning

    I'm not a pirate. I am a 21st century Che liberating files from the capitalist overlords.
    How to check if you can mod your PSP

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