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    With the new upgrade to 2.71 you can download game demos but when I do it goes to a file named common
    How do I get it to the game file under where the game icon shows up.???
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    I think you have to go to the web browser, type in file:/psp/common/(nameof game)

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    playa is right the games u download are not demo so they will not show up under game. the games you download are portals , so like playa said u go to browser and type in file:/psp/common/gamename.swf
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    Isnt there a misunderstanding here?
    doesnt he mean how to play Loco Roco and Kazuo?
    If you wanna play Loco Roco demo put the UCJS10041 folder in in the GAME folder like this:

    If you wanna play Kazuo demo put the UCJS10036 folder in in the GAME folder like this:
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