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    I recently posted a problem with the drive magnet on my psp2001. It is the small disc that grabs your umd when you insert it in your game machine. It seemed to be off center and would not allow door to close when you put a umd in .After examining my 2001 closer i dicover sony uses a cheap gummy glue to attach a small magnet to the top of the umd drive motor to hold and spin your game disc.When i removed the umd from my machine i did not have the door all the way .The umd hit on the magnet and pulled it off center'It's impossile to realign it so off to the repair center. (Warning make sure your door is open all the way before removing a umd!!!!!!!! Thanks to the guys who responded to my question.

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    Please don't post the same thing in two different sections. I'll leave the other one in PSP General.

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