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    Here a some fun things to do if you have IR SHELL
    1.Learn the IR on your TV and bug the hell out of your Sister/ Brother (until
    he/she throws the remote at you)
    2. Learn the IR of your DVD player, learn the eject button, press it really fast heaps of times and watch it wig out and have a spaz. (very entertaining, dosnt works with most DVD players though.)
    3. Learn your classes Projector IR, and when the teacher freezes the screen to do private work (scool reports) unfreeze the screen and reveal all.
    4. Learn the IR of an RC helicopter, car, plane or best a hover craft. (spy vehicle!)
    5. Learn the IR of your Brothers/ Sisters ipod dock and blast it to full volume in the middle of the night.

    Think of some more and post them
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    So these all basically revolve around learning the code for Infra Red on various items and "messing" with them. What are you, 12?

    Also, not much use to anyone without a 1000.
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    I want a 1000

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