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    I dunno much about web design but I have some limited knowledge. I was wondering, you know how some web designers will offer their clients free hosting because they just add that person's site on to their account?

    That's something I would be interested in doing. Curiously, does that mean for each domain and hosting you get a seperate logon screen? Say I want to FTP my site to the server, how would that work?

    well i found these places and wanted to know what people here thinks of them, I dunno much about the specifics. I would link everything, but I just joined and not allowed till I post 15 times.

    and ipage caught my eye.
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    To have a separate login for each client, you would need a Reseller account. Just a personal shared server/VPS/Dedi/Semi-dedi hosting won't allow this.
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    That sounds a bit more complicated. Well, if I plan on doing the designs myself, the client shouldn't need to log on. I mean probably best not to have that option.

    Okay, if it's just me logging on, how would i create multi domains to my site? a few addresses leading to the same site. And host a completely different site with it's own domain? Unlimited would be best, any comments or preference on the places I've found? Or better still, a better place to host.

    I guess it shouldn;'t be hard would ftp everything anyway.
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