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    Hey everyone,
    I know this is a really odd question to ask on this forum, but in all honesty I'm exactly sure where to start as my google searches have left me quite empty handed, so here it goes.
    Since my fiance and I have moved into our own apartment, we are trying to be much more energy conscious. One thing this includes is hitting off power strips while they are not in use for long periods at a time such as being at school/work, or at night while we are sleeping. Keep in mind that I am mostly refering to a "home entertainment" system, and our office. Recently I stumbled over something quite interesting in my local walmart. There was an extention cord with 2 or 3, 2-prong outlets in it but attacthed to it was a foots witch. The foot switch acted like a regular switch on a power strip. It just shuts off all power. I thought it was awesome but the issues with it were that it had very few outlets, and also being 2 prong, I would have to heavily rely on 3 prong adapters, and I don't like that idea.
    My question is, is it possible to take a regular power strip/surge protector and add on a short cord connected to a switch, as opposed to the switch being directly on the unit. I have a picture of a similar item from amazon, although it switch is still directly on the Woods Ind. 553574 6 Outlet Power Strip With Foot…
    My goal in the end, is to have all the outlets on the floor, but having a switch on my entertainment center to kill the power with easy access. I would prefer the switch to be fairly larger, and less than ugly. Maybe like this? SPST 16A 125V Illuminated Round Rocker Switch with Red LED -

    Any guidance to a tutorial would be really helpful and please feel free to ask me questions. I am fairly new to electronics outside of computers. Thanks!
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    That would work, but remember that if you crack open your power strip/surge protector and rewire the switch you'll kill any warranty it carries - This is especially important in NY, as brownouts from freak storms can wreak havoc on surge protectors and fry your equipment - the quarter million dollar liability most come with is worth everything when this happens.

    Do you rent or own? It's not hard at all to grab a regular "light switch" style wall swtich and wire it into your outlet - This way you have a neat switch that can control the outlet your surge protector is on.

    Second, you can find heavy-duty timers to plug in and switch automatically - Not the most convenient, but easy enough if you're on a set schedule and just want it turned off at night or while you know the house will be empty.

    If you do end up adding a switch to your power strip, remember to use proper wire and ground it - On most, the entire load will be passing through the switch. The ratshack switch you linked to should handle it fine, and is probably rated higher than the breaker the circuit's on anyway. As for wiring, the cheapest thing to do is to buy a heavy-duty extension cord and hack it apart - Most are already rated for the load you'll need and a 3-prong cable will have all 3 wires (hot/common/ground)...
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