Thread: date & times setting froze my PSP?

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  1. #1 date & times setting froze my PSP? 
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    I have 5.50 Gen-D2 and nothing ever went wrong until now

    a few days ago I noticed that my date and time settings were off, so I went to the date & time settings, and right when I selected it, it crashed my PSP. it said:

    setting information is corrupted. press the "O" button to repair and restore default settings. (along with other languages below that say the same thing)

    anyway, I turned my PSP off and then back on to see if it would do it again, and it did. but this time, on the crash screen, I pressed circle (as it told me to) to "repair" it, so after that, I reset my PSP and my BG image is gone. along with that, I try playing a PSP game (MGS: peacewalker, which worked fine before) and it returned me to the main menu saying the game could not be started... now I can't play ANY PSP games...

    however, I CAN play emulators and PS1 games for some reason :|

    I don't get it lol
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    sounds like you got a corrupted install update to GEN D3 and if that don't work reinstall with this and to reinstall GEN using that you'll need this [RELEASE] Install 5.50-GEN-D3 with Rec.Flasher (FW-Pack)

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