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    An autorun is a file that resides on a removable media (a CD, a flash drive, your PSP's Memorystick...) that tells Windows what to do when it finds that drive.

    They are quite easy to write, and you don't need a specific PSP firmware version to use this little add-on because your computer is the one that deals with it.

    Before you start writing the autorun you should have chosen: 1) a Windows executable (.exe) that will be launched when you connect your PSP or its Memorystick, and 2) a Windows icon (.ico) that will represent the PSP in Windows Explorer. The icon must be an ico file, I am pretty sure any other image format won't work. Go to for a giant offering of catigorized icons in both ICO and GIF format. Just a few they have:

    To get a plug-in for Photoshop that lets it open and save ICO files, go here:

    Now to make the autorun!
    1)Open Notepad.

    2)Type the following:


    3)Save as " autorun.inf " and put it in root directory of the Memorystick, along with "psp.ico" (your icon), and autorun.exe (your program). If you don't want it to launch a program, than don't put autorun.exe in the root directory, I think it's fine if the autorun points to a non-existent program.

    Note: for security reasons, some computers may not run the program defined in the autorun.

    4)Give your PSP a name! Right-click the drive in Explorer and select "Properties" under the "General" tab, and in the text box near the top type the new name. Click "OK".
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    cool, i gotta try this, lol
    PSP VERS. 3.80
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    nicely done............
    Quote Originally Posted by julie
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    liuke the thing devhook uses, but what can you autorun besides games or music, video, internet.
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    nicely done! im gonna get some ico files now and try it in a bit. thanks

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    Programs (.exe .ocx .dll) contain icons that were compiled in with the code (toolbar buttons, the actual icon for the program, icons in dialogs...). You can copy theese out of the code using an app called GetIcons. You can get that here: Name a folder and it will scan every executable in there for icons and put them in a predefined folder.

    1)Make a special destination folder for each scan, you may get a lot of icons during each scan.

    2)If you scan "C:/Windows/" you may get around 2000-5000 icons (most icons are under 1kb).
    You will also get alot if you scan "C:/Program Files/"

    3)Don't scan your entire hard disk, it wil also scan the location you are putting the icons making a big mess!

    4)Don't redistribute the icons you get, this is illegal!

    Another tool that may be helpful is PixelToolbox ( ), which is great for making your own icons and cursors, but runs really slow.

    Here are some web sites with free icons: (I already told you about this!

    Google icons.
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    Thanks man! This is cool!
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