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    So, Im very pissed, my laptop gives me a message about 10 minutes into using it. It tells me the cooling system isn't working properly, then it tells me to shutdown immediately, and return it for service. Is there anything I can do? if i ignore the message, it pops up again and again.
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    You should protect your hardware from dust. The same problem happened to me and all I had to do was open my laptop and clean the motherboard and clean the cooling sistem (the fan on top of the processor). Try that and tell me how it goes.

    Edit: btw, if your laptop is an HP then you are pretty much f***ed up. HP laptops have this problems and you need to buy an external cooling system like this one
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    you already got told this, jose

    ...even a noob like you can click the link...

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    i'm sure it wasn't the answer he wanted
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    i dont believe you are totally screwed, im not aware of what BIOS you have on your laptop. BUT some BIOS allow that warning to be turned off and bypassed...HOWEVER I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS...i would take the bottom panel off, and watch the fan while the system is on, also clean it like it has been previous suggested. The problem is the HSfan is not spinning fast enough to satisfy BIOS requirements on startup, so it believes the laptop is in danger, although it may not be. Could be dust or fan sensor

    if its not the dust or can't be fixed with a little wiggling, then you might spare your parts and get a new laptop.
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