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    Hey all this is my first guide so I decided to do something a little easy. This is basically a guide to help improve your Windows 7 experience by making it easier for you to do stuff, and enabling you to customize certain features.

    *NOTE* My main source of reference for some of these tweaks were from and I noted those with links next to them.

    Alright let's begin.

    Tweak One: Enabling file extensions.

    I don't know about you, but I can't live without having the file extension at the end of my files. If you're wondering how to do this follow these quick and easy steps.

    1. Click "Start" and click on "Control Panel."

    2. Select "View by:" in the top right corner and click "Large Icons" so we can ease into step three.

    3. While in the view click on "Folder Options" then click on the "View Tab."

    4. Lastly, head to the middle of the dialog box and deselect "Hide extensions for known file types." Press "Apply" and voila! You can now see your file extensions.

    Tweak Two: Change your logon screen.

    Tired of your old background? Well say no more, here is an easy way to change your Windows 7 logon screen.

    1. The first step is to download Tweaks Logon here Logon Changer for Microsoft Windows 7

    2. Once you click download it will save itself as a '.rar' file. If you don't know how to extract this type of file go to WinRAR archiver, a powerful tool to process RAR and ZIP files and download WinRar.

    3. Once downloaded, open the .exe file and select "Change Logon Screen" pick your current desktop background picture or a picture of your choice to replace your current one. (Be sure that it's in the '.jpg' format).

    4. Log Off or press "Test" to see the effects. Easy isn't it?

    Tweak Three: Multiple Desktops with VirtuaWin

    This is one of my favorite programs. This allows up to 4 desktops to be used and controlled with the ease of a simple key stroke. Let's get started.

    1. Head over to VirtuaWin - Virtual Desktops for Windows and grab the latest version of VirtuaWin.

    2. Double click the program and run the installer. Be sure to click on "Run automatically on Windows startup."

    3. Once installed a green square icon should appear in your Notification Area.

    4. Right click the VirtuaWin icon and click "Setup" then navigate yourself to the "Hotkeys" tab.

    5. Yours will look a bit different then mine but you can customize it anyway you want from here. NAV:Left basically means navigate left. To activate any function with your "Windows" keye just check the +WIN box. To assign a keystroke just go the the drop down menu and select NAV:direction and in the text box under it assign your keys (Mine is ALT + <- for Nav:LEFT).

    And that covers the basic navigation feature, their are many other features available with this program but this covers basic navigation.

    Tweak 4: Tabbed explorer Windows

    I've always wanted to try this out, and I'm glad I did. Let's see if we can get you up and running with this application the way you want it.

    1. Head over to QTTabBar | Download QTTabBar software for free at and click "Download" and run the install file.

    2. Makesure when you're done installing that you "Restart Explorer Immediately" it wont work unless you do. (Note: You're icons will probably be rearranged after the restart.)

    3. Once you restarted open "Explorer" and click on "Organize", navigate to "Layout" and click "Menu Bar".

    4. Once you see the "Menu Bar" click the "View" tab, navigate to "Toolbars", and click on "QT TabBar". A Tab should appear but we are not done yet. Right click the background of the Tab Menu and navigate to "Options".

    5. Once here, click on the "Tab" and adjust your options as you please. I set my default tab to head to my Home Folder. To do this navigate to Path/Group name and browse for the directory you want to be your default tab.

    6. Once configured, click on the "Shortcut Keys" tab and adjust these to your liking as well. My personal favorite is having "Clone Tab" binded to CTRL + T. Lastly, if you don;t like the Menu in your File Browser, just press ALT + M and it will hide it for you. (Tip: Click on the folder icon on the tab and you can see the folders and files in that folder and quickly navigate to it).

    So right now we have a file extensions enabled, a custom log in, multiple desktops, and tabbed browsing. I say we are actually getting somewhere with tweaking our Windows computer for ease of use. So let's get into the nitty gritty of it and disable a few annoying features.

    Tweak 5: Nerf/Disable UAC

    Wait...what's UAC Goldstorm? It's the User Access know...this thing:

    Ya, what if we could disable that? Well you can! Just a quick word of warning though, it is also a security feature so unless your going to places/sites that aren't safe I would suggest keeping this installed.

    The only thing you have to do is head into "Control Panel" and in the search bar type in UAC. Then drag the slider down to a preffered setting, since I hate it whenever my screen dims when this happens, I chose this setting since I still want the security of this feature. But that's just me.

    Tweak 6: Leave/Disable Homegroup

    I don't know about you guys but I use Homegroup. But back in the day I couldn't/didn't know how to use this. So here is a quick diable guide for all you anti-homegroup users.

    1. The first step to disable this is to "Right Click Homegroup" and navigate to "Change Homegroup Settings."

    2. Near the bottom of the page click on "Leave Homegroup" then in the seperate dialog box click "Leave Homegroup."

    But as you can see "Homegroup" IS STILL THERE! So here is how to get rid of it.

    3. So now click the "Start" icon and type 'services.msc' into the "search bar." Click on the 'services.msc' icon and navigate to "Homegroup Listener" and double-click on it.

    4. In the seperate dialog box head to the "Startup type" drop down menu and select 'Disabled.'After that hit the Stop button. Repeat this step for the "Homegroup Provider" service. And...TADA! It's gone! No more Homegroup.

    There is so much more we can do with windows, but for now I'll leave you with this...if you have any questions please ask away.
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