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    Competition or not i felt like posting this, so hopefully someone enjoys it.

    This guide isnt meant to hold your hand. You are expected to know the basics of photoshop. You'll need to be familiar with adjusting the eraser's size and softness, using the clone stamp to cover things up, transforming objects, and various other little things. Its not hard, you just have to know how photoshop works.

    Today we are going from this:

    to this:

    My friend makes the best faces

    First, open the picture in Photoshop. Duplicate the layer (ctrl-j) so we have one we can destruct a bit.

    Carefully erase everything except the target's face. Follow lines like their jaw and chin very carefully. Making neat lines now makes it much easier later.

    Now that you have the face isolated make a few extra copies of it (ctrl-j). Turn off visibility for every layer except the background and one face. Turn the face's opacity to around 50%. Transform the face (ctrl-t) and slide it into the next person's face. You'll need to scale it to fit, but always hold shift while resizing so it stays proportional. I usually start by lining up the eyes of both faces (why we made it transparent before), then adjust to get things like the chin and jaw aligned. You don't have to be perfect.

    When it is set the way you want, hit enter to exit transform mode, then bring the opacity back up to 100%.

    Now we get out the eraser (e) and very carefully erase parts of the face to make it fit better. I took out part of his forehead as well as the sideburns. I cleaned up the law a little too.

    Now go back to the background layer and edit out things like the glasses and little bit of beard poking out from under the face. You can do this easily enough with the clone stamp, but i'm not getting into too much detail about that in this guide.

    The skin tone doesn't match too well, so select the face layer again and hit ctrl-u to bring up the Hue/Saturation box. It takes some practice, but it wont take long before you can dial in the right shade in no time.
    While i was at it i took a softer eraser and blended the foreheads together to make it a little easier to color match.

    Repeat the same process for any other faces, taking note of features like hair that can really make the piece look better. The chick has a lock of hair dangling on her forehead, so i erased part of the new face so it showed through.

    Feel free to ask any questions, i'll try to help as much as possible. Note that not all photos will be easy depending on the poses of everyone. I got this done in about 10 minutes while writing the guide, but if you arent great with photoshop dont expect to blaze through it. I did a better one of this pic before, but i forgot to take screenshots for the guide so this one looks a little uglier than usual because i didnt care as much the 2nd time through Take the time to do it right and you'll be handing out lulz all over teh webz. Sorry.
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    Very funny....not.
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    Do show more examples of this. I've done this before too.


    We have Rich boy (aka DAT ASS) in one corner:

    And Massimo (reaction face) in the other:


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    Very nice, should be moved to the Tutorial thread
    Refresh for more Sigs

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