<blockquote> I just got the following email forwarded to me by a Dell employee:
We will be launching a Linux based OS (Ubuntu) on the E520, 1505 and XPS 410 starting next Thursday, 5/24. We expect these systems to be less than 1% of our OS mix for the entire year which is ~20,000 systems annually. Please cover the huddle deck below with your team by EOB Sunday. If any questions come up, please let me know so I can address them before launch.
The goal of launching Linux is to continue to give our customers more choices to customize their new Dell. Providing more options to our Linux Enthusiast customer group will hopefully create even more Raving Fans!!
It was also noted that people within Dell can now officially start discussing the desktop Linux situation with customers. It?s great to see this initiative being followed through on so quickly. I was hoping for a bit more than three models, but what?s more important right now is how those three models are actually rolled out. The long term implications for Linux on the desktop in the mainstream here are huge. Kudos to Dell for finally making the leap. With less than 1% of sales at stake here though, it?s possible Dell doesn?t have the incentive to put a huge effort behind this. I?ll be keeping a very close eye on the roll out and will certainly be posting more on the topic. I?d like to thank Rick, who forwarded this to me.

</blockquote>I'd wouldn't mind getting the XPS 410, but I'd like to know what it looks like, or it's back to Parallels for me.

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