Alright, since I am usually the person that is obsessing about computers around here, since Ray is too busy trying to fix Vista, since he sucks, and smells like a old man, I decided to make a list of interesting tech sites to check out.

<span style="color:navy"></span>-Digg is a aggregator of sorts that lists the most "dugg" stories in technology, gaming, science, and just about everything else.
<span style="color:teal"></span>-Slashdot is a news site that just about everyone on the web has been to, more that one time. It is submitted news approved by the slashdot team(as opposed to everyone on digg), that is just for nerds.
<span style="color:orange"></span>-ArsTechnica is a news article site that has basically every technology/gaming story on it. It&#039;s one of the most accurate.
<span style="color:red"></span>, or for that matter, CNet, is one of the longest running technology websites on the web. It has pretty much the fastest stories, and with ArsTechnica, some of the most accurate.
<span style="color:blue"></span>-Not only because it uses the Techtv logo, Techdirt is a small news site, similar to ArsTechnica to how it has stories. It has a nice small community.
<span style="color:blue"></span>-One of the largest Mac news sites, Macworld is also a well known magazine. If you&#039;re interested in the newest Apple product, or news, this is probably a good bet to turn to.
<span style="color:red"></span>-Being a sister publication to Macworld, PC World is also a large PC news magazine, and website.
<span style="color:red"></span>-ZDnet has probably been along as much as CNet, and was also bought by it. It is now a Business oriented news site.