So I was once a big fan of turtle beach and also skull candy.

I think the mini preamp drive on the turtle beach are nice to have while gaming on PC but I always seem to break my turtle beach around the same area all the time.

I also love my skull candy hash comfortable over the ear and best of all personal but I always seem to also break the cable :/ Or lose the attachment that extends my headphone to reach.

I thought instead of wasting more money why not combine the two?

So I started with taking my turtle beach apart, Not a difficult job just need to disolder the leads from the left/right speaker and leads to the mic.

I also took apart my Hash since the mic on the turtle beach was on my right side I had to make a decision to either make it left or right. I choose left

Before cutting my hash I took a picture then squared off the image of the viking and printed it out

I took apart the mic from the turtle beach headset and took off the emblem for the classic beach logo

Using hobby rubber glue (e-6000) I glued the clear cap over and used some weights to press out any remaining air bubble before the glue tacts and sets. It only takes 10 minutes before it tacts and 1 hour before it sets then 24 hour for full cure.

After a hour I cut around using a hobby knife makes the job easier then using scissors

The next thing is to cut out the pacement for the mic

Then laying it all together looks awesome

Finally re-soldering everything back into place

And finally a quick test on both side of the headset speaker plus mic is working

I was thinking of logo

Quick update, I ended up getting not so good of a bass out of the headset, the preamp has a switch to boost bass but I was not getting much. I actually started to hear distortion from blasting the headset, I believe I was burning the 30mm drive from the original skull candy. I won a bid on some nice sony pro audio headset and wanted to swap them out, What I ended up getting is a 70mm drive from sony so I had to cut out a new hole to place the speaker in on the turtle skull. I also shoved toy fabric pluff stuffing and that helped to enrich the bass. Though the 70mm drive wasn't tune on the bass about 20,000Mhz compare to the skull candy which were at 23,000Mhz But with the preamp boost It still is enough to rock my head around and my ears.

Just to let you guys know I also sleeved my headphone line to prevent pesky animal from biting into them. I owned a cat name chewy.. its not to difficult to figure out why I named her chewy. So the sleeve looks good and helps protect my friend from chewing away