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    I am looking for a modded PSP. Preferably new. I am new to the PSP scene. I have been modding PS2s and XBOXs for a while and don't want to tackle another project. Just looking for it ready to go. Thanks.

    I just want it to play my older NES and SNES games on the go. I would like to buy some PSP games later on. Not sure if a new games messes up a custom firmware or not... Thanks.
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    I am selling my the modded psp slim. Check out link:
    3.60>3.71 M33-2>3.71 M33-3>SOLD!>3.60>3.71 M33-2>3.71 M33-3>SOLD!

    8 Billion dollars wasted. Increased federal spending led to increased use.Time to stop?
    Very Funny STUFF FOR SALE!
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    I have seven different systems for sale, everything from mint to well used, with different accessories and such. I have nearly 700 positive feedback on ebay(100&#37, and can verify as much. These are all running custom firmware 3.71m33-4, and can run anything available. I can also throw in great "extras". PM me for details if interested.
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