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    Hi, im looking to buy a working GENUINE(NOT FAKE) 8GB Memory Stick Pro DUO or trade my 2GB for a 8GB, along with $40. If anyone is interested in my trade or wants to sell me a 8GB MemStick between $80-$100, let me know. And if someone is gonna sell me a MemStick i'd appreciate Pics.
    Fat PSP: 3.40>1.50>3.52M33-4 (White Back Plate and Black Face Plate & UMD Door & Buttons)

    Slim PSP(Daxter): 3.80>(PANDORA)>3.90M33-3>UPMS>3.71M33-2>3.71M33-4>3.90M33-2 & Tons of apps. and Emulators and Roms (Mirror Chrome Faceplate)

    Selling: 1.)Fat PSP Used Condition, $125. PM for pics and info.

    2.)Fat PSP good condition, some scratches, $125. PM for pics and info.

    3.)Slim Dax PSP Excellent condition, Chrome Faceplate, selling for $225. PM for pics and info on what it comes with.
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    jstu an FYI - did you check IIRC the 8GB stick was like $90 + liek $5 shipping
    Fat PSP 3.51 > CatB50 V2.0 > 3.80M33-5 > 3.90M33-2 > 3.80M33-5 > BRICK > pandora > 3.71M33-4 > 4.01M33-2 > 5.00M33
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    try, they have 8gb for $89 with free shipping
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    I have a brand new 8gb sandisk memory stick. It's opened but I have never used it with my psp or a card reader. Yes it is genuine. If u wanna buy pm me or email me at I'll send you some pics too if u want.
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