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  1. #1 Looking For A Pandora's Battery :D 
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    Hello All

    My Name Is Nick And I Live In Tampa FL

    I'm Looking For Someone Who Is Willing To Sell, Or Lend Me A Pandoras Battery For Free Or Cheap (Under $20 xD)

    I Will Then Mod My PSP And Sell The Battery To Another Person Who Needs It For A Cheap Price Or Return The Battery If It Was Lent

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    Hey, I'm probably going to land up buying a Pandora battery since no one is really selling any, but when I'm done with mine I'd be gald to sell it to you (for a large discount of course)

    ...I think we should get a bunch of Pandora Batteries "in circulation" and charge a fee...
    It would sort of be like renting a movie, you would get it and then return it, so it can be passed on. The initial payment could be something like $15 upfront and then you would get an $8 "reimbursement" once the battery has been returned or passed on. We could have a total of like 5-10 batteries in constant circulation and the shipping would have to be handled by the person who has the battery...
    Any takers?
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    Thats A Awesome Idea

    I Think It Could Work Out Well
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    im selling a pandora battery for 40 on ebay if anyone is interestest.

    search midna10 on ebay
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    I'll let you use my pandora im near USF.

    Im out of town till the 26th however. If your interested pm me and we will work something out.
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