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  1. #1 Im Selling a fully hacked psp or pandora 
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    im selling 2 of my 5 psp's. both fully hacked wit a 1 gig or 2 gig.

    1 gig psp- it has hacks 4 FTB2 and logans shadow. all the emulators wit roms. logans shadow and FTB2 online iso, MOHH2 iso and one movie of your choice.

    2 gig psp- same as 1 but 5 movies and an additional iso.

    1 gig- 150
    2 gig- 170

    these prices r 4 mem stick

    no mem stick
    130 for it

    pandora is 30 due to shipping back
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    Can't sell ROMs

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    yup... your post shall be deleted shortly...

    "don't fucking ask me. i don't know..."


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    im not selling the rom its jus on the mem stick aka iso and the roms r for the emulators like mario 64 for n64 emu

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    your selling them through your memory stick, it is illegal to sell those on a hacked system since they are illegal
    I reccomend re-selling them and not mentioning the roms, since it really doesent matter, they wont bring the price up, anyone can download it for free


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