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    Not sure if there is forum rules on this so ima say this, to make sure I dont get scammed you send first since its a high trade (i have trade refs on pojo forums)
    Must be in great condition! that includes working condition~ also must have charger, usb cord, and the latest custom firmware. psp must be able to turn on and fuction perfectly as if i got a new one and put in its original battery. Oh and MUST BE PIANO BLACK! Do deal 3 and i'll pay shipping.

    deal 1. PSP SLIM PIANO BLACK with its battery + psp charger + lates custom firmware - $120. $100 without the custom firmware.

    deal 2. everything in deal 1 but with pandora batter and magic mem stick (4gig) $150

    deal 3. everything in deal 1 and 2 but with skype headeset - $170

    deal 3. everything mentioned in deal 2 and 1
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    *Same as what I wrote in other thread*

    No one is going to sell you anything for those prices. You say in the third deal you'll pay for shipping if they give you everything, but "everything" is worth wayyyy more than $170. I'm not trying to be rude to you or anything I just want you to know that the senior members who frequent this site like to

    1) mod
    2) know the prices of their equipment
    3) not scam, and
    4) aren't going to sell anything for half of what they bought it for, especially if it's almost brand new.
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