Thread: [WTB] Need someone to put cfw my psp slim (read description)

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    Hello, as you all know I need someone to put cfw on my psp slim. My psp slim has the current version "3.90" what I need is the version "3.66 m33". I am looking for someone within my area range. Please reply back to me with a price and if you live in Calgary, Alberta. Thanks a lot.
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    Eh, I don't live near you, but you can ship it to me and I can do it.

    Just an offer.

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    You can PM me and I can do it, no prob. It'll cost shipping.
    A hacker does for love what others wouldn't for money.
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    Incase you are interested, I can sell you a pandora battery and magic memory stick most likely for the same price or cheaper than what people will charge and shipping costs. I'll put whatever firmware you want on the stick.

    The set is only $29.95, offering free shipping until October 31st

    High Quality Pandora Battery & Memory Sticks - Low Prices - Fast Shipping From The USA - Personal Customer Service
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