Thread: Buying a Modded PSP around December 26 -January 09

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  1. #1 Buying a Modded PSP around December 26 -January 09 
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    im looking for a modded psp with the pandora battery and 2gb+ magic memory stick slim or phat any firmware. I can only spend up to $100 (actual cost and shipping has to equal up to 100 bucks) because thats as high as a prepaid card goes dont need anything but the psp and the memory card
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    I have a black phat modded psp with a 2gb extreme III card. Wifi does not work and it has a deep scratch on the body, let me know if you are interested. Thanks

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    Hey looneytoon. what cfw is on it, and does the scratch affect the screen at all? email me at i have someone who will take it off your hands.
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