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    I want a high capacity memory stick for PSP. Has to be 2GB+, authentic as in NO FAKE KNOCKOFFS.

    I am in Toronto and will only do local deals.

    Call me on my cell if you are selling one:


    Somethings I can offer for trade include cellphones (I have lots of these), and

    Grand Theft Auto: Libery City Story: $15
    1GB Sony M2 Memory Stick: $15
    PSP Hard Plastic Case: $10

    Take all for $30

    Willing to trade for other PSP games, higher capacity M2 memory stick. Shoot me those offers. Leave phone number for faster reply.

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    604 sells legit high capacity memory cards, I got two there took like 5 days to get in.
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    you can get a 4gb for like 15 bucks dude at King Suppers\walmart what ever you call it
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