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    an already modded psp phat, I am very strict about screen quality. so it must be almost brand new looking (the screen).

    again, I don't care what CFW is on there, I'll just change it if I don't like it.

    I've already modded 8 psp's in my life. I have experience... .but, my ex wife took the games and the psp, the ps3, and evyerthing else.

    I am so depressed of the psp's the most. so I told myself. I'm not going to spend time modding it. If I get another one, I'll have it modded for me.

    anyway.. I'm tired... so I'll probably edit this later with better words
    Quote Originally Posted by Demonslash View Post
    Found a setting that makes Donkey Kong Country work fullspeed with NO frameskip!

    Go to Hack/Debug Menu, then turn ON Ignore palette writes.

    This makes it work 100% from what I can tell on a game that laged a lot before so. I have no tried this on other games yet.
    list of error codes for the psp and what they mean

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    Already Modded, LMK how much you'd spend

    Buy Pandora's from here
    Pandora Battery and 4GB MagicMemory Stick -
    Follow these instructions to install CFW after purchasing your MMS.
    Pandora Battery Install Instructions
    Need to update to 5.00M33-6?
    Dark-Alex.Org - 5.00M33-6 Update and Instructions
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    I may aswell put this here.
    I am designing a psp harware based emu for pc..
    can anyone tell me where to find phat mother boards as cheap as possible?
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