Thread: Looking for uber cheap PSP Go

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  1. #1 Looking for uber cheap PSP Go 
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    Willing to buy or even trade.
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    well what do you got to offer for a trade and i would suggest using Clist i found mine for 75 16gb peral white go
    new members and old read thisvvvvvvvv
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    ive got a shitload of stuff, anything in particular you want? xD

    Im in canada, clist is sorta ehh here.
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    LMAO, the cheapest deal i found, is 60bucks for pspgo on clist yo. i live in canada too. missisauga to be exact
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    I love my psp go, I bought it used at game stop for $115 it seems kind of high according to your posts but the cheapest I've seen em on Craigslist were about $90.
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