Thread: For any aussie looking for a sick psp.

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  1. #1 For any aussie looking for a sick psp. 
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    Just thought I should let my favorite psp site in the world know that due to a desperate need of cash, I am selling one of my psp 1k models. I'm selling on, and i noticed that there isn't a single 1k on sale in Australia right now, so I figured I would come here for fair price testing.

    Psp 1003 model not a scratch anywhere on the entire psp EXCEPT a small scratch on the outer edge of console next to the left d-pad button.
    Psp comes with 5.00m33-6 of course, with original battery, charger cable, usb cable, and psp carry bag.
    Next up is the 8 gig official duo pro stick, which for the sake of our TOS will be wiped clean of all games, but will contain all emulators of note and homebrew that I think is cool.
    Included is the original 32meg stick which will contain for your convenience the latest official firmware.

    If anyone wants it at all send me a msg at, or if you are in Australia give me a sms on 0416928320.

    Considering the 8gig was $100 by itself and psp1k's go for $100 minimum on this is a sweet deal. If no interest over the next seven days via, I will post it on for an as-yet undisclosed amount. I'm looking for a reasonable $125-150 for it all. Postage at your extra cost (should cost aussies $10 registered post )

    Will bump later with pic's
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    would be interested but would give $100.00 st eb and game sell 2nd hand 1004 and 2004 for 129.00 with warranty. I already have a phat but a mate of mine would be intersted to as he was given a 3004.
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    but seriously.. my mob phone camera skills suck haha..

    That is what im selling...
    1x PSP1003 model, no visible scratches and perfect condition upon glance.
    1x 8gig mark2 sony memory stick PRODuo
    1x 32mb Mark1 sony memory stick PRODuo
    1x AC adaptor
    1x usb adaptor (forgot to include in pic - doh!)
    1x psp carry pouch
    and four games - Final Fantasy tactics, Phantasy star Portable, Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology, Crash Tag Team Racing. All games include books.

    Im looking for australian sale, hopefully $120 AUS and shipping of $10 or local pickup in QLD-Brisbane area.
    Extremely good deal here, I know I'm not the most known person on these boards, but I've been around for a while now and hope you think I'm trustworthy. If you are interested give me a call on 0416928320.
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