Thread: PSP 1000 $45, PSP 2000 white housing $20, extended battery $10

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  1. #1 PSP 1000 $45, PSP 2000 white housing $20, extended battery $10 
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    1) PSP 1000 with iffy functionality. New white housing for PSP 2000, Extended PSP battery

    2) Used, New and New


    4) PSP 1000 $45 shipped, White housing for PSP 2000 $20 shipped, extended battery for PSP $10 shipped

    5) PayPal or USPS postal money order. (A check is fine if you don't mind waiting for it to clear.) Cash face to face sale is fine too if you are in the Seattle area.

    6) I will ship via USPS 1st Class Mail in a secure package with a delivery confirmation number that will be e-mailed to you when it ships. I will ship within a day of payment. Coming from Seattle. Shipping to USA only, if you live elsewhere you can contact me for options.

    7) We don't sell a lot of stuff. I use Craig's List a lot but no feedback their as you know. We have purchased a few things from eBay, it's under my wife's name for feedback if you care to check. LINDAMELIN I will be happy to give you my phone number if you would like to call and talk on the phone.

    8) A.) The PSP is iffy in functionality. I could not get the memory card slot to read my card, it felt funny going in. I looked in with a flashlight and couldn't see anything physically wrong in there. I only tried one card. I have no game disk to stick in and test the UMD reader, maybe it works, I don't know. I was able to get it to connect to my wifi network. The screen is 100% perfect, the housing is in decent shape but not perfect, actually it looks pretty good physically. It comes with the charger and an OEM battery that seems to work just fine. Please, possibly consider this as a parts unit but it does turn on and navigate the menus just fine.

    B.) The white PSP 2000 housing is in brand new, never used, perfect condition, still in its plastic wrap.

    C.) The extended battery has never been used either. I stuck it in the PSP and it works perfectly. I guess that makes it slightly used.
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    ooo. i want that housing... but eew. gotta wait 3 long buisness days.

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