Thread: Selling Modded PSP 1000 with Extras: $100

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    This is a fully working modded Sony PSP 1000 with the 5.00 m-33 firmware. The PSP has no major damages. Few minor scratches are present but do not interfere with the game play. The PSP comes with 2 memory sticks, a Logitech case, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, and the charger. One memory stick is 1 gigabyte and the other is 2 gigabytes.
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    hey im in the middle of balad trying to get a homebrewed psp because the army doesnt let me use my thumb drive in any of the usb ports to download anything i need to homebrew my own and i cant get internet on my laptop so id really like to buy a homebrew psp with at least final fantasy VII if you could please get back with me about this if you still have it
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    also send him a PM saying the same thing.
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    What the hell is this doing here, this goes to market.

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