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    I have 2 phat psp 1000s for sale one is black and other is white.

    black one comes with 8gb memory stick, white one comes with 4gb (boxed)
    i can also supply usb cables for both psps. chargers also included
    usb/charger also available on request.

    so what firmware are they running?
    Black is running CFW 5.00 m33 -6 Tested with most apps and works no problem popsloader works i just didnt back up my folder.

    White is running 3.72 m33 -4 and also works with most apps for that CFW type.

    possible problems?

    Black psps analog is at times unpredictable and does tend to move you places you dont want to go but i have applied a mod to counter that and so far it does seem to work. something to do with the alignment or something.
    but other than that it works.

    White psp is fully funtional and ive not had any issues with it.

    i regret to say the memory cards are fake but i didnt know this untill i actually recieved them (ebay) but they do work and playing backups work no problem.

    last comments....

    i am from the UK and can post to UK no problem, non uk i will look into should anyone be interested.
    i am a verified paypal user and that would be my prefered payment method.
    i dont have a price for these in mind as i dont really know what they are valued at currently in the UK but i do understand they are around 100$

    i will accept offers and a good deal should anyone want to buy both psps.

    thanks for reading.

    PS Pics will be provided ASAP no internet at home to take and upload pics
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