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    I'm looking at selling or getting a quote that you think the PSP is worth.

    PSP 1001 - CFW 5.0m33-6
    Screen has screen protector on it, screen is in great shape.
    All buttons besides square are in great condition, square feels like it pushes down easier on the left side of it.

    Haven't used alot umd drive works great.

    CFW via Pandora, that battery is not included as I'm pretty sure it's fried but I still have it.
    Have a Sterling Stek battery that works great for it.

    Charger (home, and auto)
    Intec metal carrying case(pre-owned when i got it), a little banged up

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    id say 65 to 70 dollars
    new members and old read thisvvvvvvvv
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