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    I haven't played my PSP in a while, I installed CFW a while ago when Fifa 2011 came out. It ha over 20 games installed on the memory card which are 2 microSD 16gb I bought from Radioshack totaling 32gb. The PSP is in great condition and I'm just looking for some extra cash around the holidays. I can post pics when i get home from work. The only for of feedback I can give is my username over at E90post a BMW forum my user name is StatenEye 335i, i have a good rep over there. I'm not sure which CFW version I have installed but I can confirm that when i get home. I'm in the NY area, Statn Island, local pickup is preferred. Looking to get 120 for everything.
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    the games on the stick are worthless really but its a fully hackable psp so thats good pics will help you sell it much faster 120 id say more like 60 to 70 maybe 80 with the 32gb stick

    goto system setting then system infor to see the current CFW
    new members and old read thisvvvvvvvv
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