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    Hello there,
    I am selling a TS-H943 Xbox 360 DVD Drive that originally cam with MS28 firmware manufactured in July 2006. A very easy to flash 360 drive. Now, I am selling this AS-IS! The reason for that being is that I have taken it apart and cannot guarantee that it will work properly (or again). I would recommend to use this as a parts drive rather than putting it into your console. I will include the backup of the original firmware as well as the key. It currently has Team Executer's CFW on it and it worked the last time my Xbox 360 was operable.



    Lower Top:

    Right Side:
    ~ The area where the screw goes in got damaged during reassembly.



    What You Get:
    ~The DVD Drive (AS-IS)
    ~The Drive's Original Firmware back up and Key via attachment to email.

    ~$10 + Shipping cost

    Post or PM me for further details.

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