Thread: A friend of mine is selling 3 PSPs for parts

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  1. #1 A friend of mine is selling 3 PSPs for parts 
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    Here is the auction link. I would have bought them myself but I don't need PSP parts. I'm just hyping it here for him a bit, hoping to get it some exposure because he's currently unemployed and the money would help him. Cheers!

    Even if they were all broken completely and bricked (which they're not), you're still getting 3 system shells (minus a few $2 battery covers), which would otherwise run you at least $60 altogether. If I needed parts then I'd be all over this and that auction wouldn't be up because I'd have bought them.
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    da fuck i have never had a psp break and he broke 3 lol bad luck or an angry gamer lol
    new members and old read thisvvvvvvvv
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