Well, I picked up a new Gloss Red 500GB PS3 Super Slim so it's time to say goodbye to my first PS3. With this you get every single thing that came in the box originally including the bags for the manuals and controller along the foam sheet that wraps around the PS3. It will be formatted and ready for you to set up when it arrives at your door. It is currently on firmware version 4.40. It has been cleaned and had dust blown out as part of my weekly cleaning schedule. It has always been used flat, never on it's side, if for some reason that makes any difference to you.

1x box, manuals, bags, foam, other packaging
1x 120GB PS3 Slim
1x Dualshock 3 controller
1x power cord
1x RCA cable
1x USB Mini-B cable

I'd be looking for $220 *SHIPPED* to your door. US addresses only. This is $230 at Gamestop without the original box and likely missing the warranty seal.