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    hitman 2, hitman 3, hitman 4, gothic, Fallout 3 etc...
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    FPS - Farcry 2
    Call Of Duty: MW3
    Just Cause 2
    STALKER: Clear Sky
    Free-to-play: Lord of the Rings Online
    The old republic

    I like this games!
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    Here's some of my favourites:
    - Fallout 3
    - Torchlight - Dungeon-crawler game, very addictive and fun.
    - Age of Empires - A great strategy game.
    - Diablo - A classic dungeon-crawler game... similar to Torchlight.
    - Garry's Mod - Building game. It's interesting and playing with friends can be great fun.
    - Minecraft
    - Left 4 Dead
    - Day-Z - A zombie survival game which is fairly realistic and exciting. Day-Z is a mod for ARMA 2.
    - The Sims - I really love my "Sims" fix... it's the best on PC.
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    Fallout 3 was indeed brilliant but now you should try borderlands 2 I am playing it and truly love it.
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    my favs were sims original series, final fantasy online, grand theft auto vice city, used to play WoW when it was cool, and pretty much anything by popcap games.
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    Personally for FPS i do like - black light : retribution, Fallout3 is fucking crazy, tried my hands on battlefield 3 not so bad.

    I do love Alice in madland and Alice returns to madland, dark soul 2, witchers2 or Elderscroll: Skyrim is fun. There are tons of other games, I am sort of a casual gamer now since work has gotten heavy on me so I spend most of my time in minecraft on hack servers. I also go emulator can't stay away from my sega years and especially sonic. But I do play strategy and one is by far my favorite I think as a PC guy this was my childhood game growing up - age of empire that game is pretty fun especially with all the cheats can be even funner.
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    i have to agree, fallout 3 is superb, replay value like no other. battlefield 3 is great, need for speed world is a great free to play racing game if you can look past the hackers that pop in and out from time to time. hawken is fucking insane, its a free to play FPS mech style game, upgrade mechs and do damage. borderlands and borderlands 2 are both fun, even better in online co-op. portal and portal 2 are both really good, trine is a really fun side scroller, dead space is also pretty good, and free on origin right now too!
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